HCC is pleased to announce the availability of the Open OnDemand interface for the Crane and Rhino clusters. Open OnDemand (OOD) is an NSF-funded open-source HPC portal with the goal of providing an easy to use web-based interface to HPC resources.

To access the portal for Crane, simply go to crane-ood.unl.edu in any modern browser. Similarly, Rhino’s portal is available at rhino-ood.unl.edu. You will first be asked to login using your HCC account and then redirected to the portal. Full documentation for using HCC’s OOD instances is available at hcc.unl.edu/docs/open_ondemand/.

Currently, OOD offers a file browser, terminal, SLURM script builder (including job templates) and submit helper, as well as Jupyter notebook and interactive desktop apps. The interactive desktop app allows launching a full XFCE desktop environment transparently within a SLURM job, and is accessible directly in your browser with no additional software. Apps for other programs such as MATLAB, Ansys, COMSOL, etc. are supported and will be added by HCC moving forward.

Please contact hcc-support@unl.edu with any questions or issues you may have using the new HCC Open OnDemand interface.