Dear HCC User Community,

The Rhino Cluster is now available via HCC. The majority of the components of this cluster were previously parts of the Tusker and Sandhills clusters. Rhino is composed of AMD-based servers with at least 192 GB RAM, most with at least 256 GB RAM. There are also 2 512 GB RAM servers and 2 1 TB RAM servers as well. Just as with other HCC clusters, there is an Infiniband private network and filesystems known as /home, /work and /common. All told, there are 7040 cores available on Rhino.

You are invited to use Rhino to complement your normal workflows running on Crane. As with Tusker, processing will be slower but the memory space is still reasonably large. Users should expect a few downtimes in the next few months as various details such as hardware reliability (all components are no longer under warranty) are worked out. Further details are here.

Any questions may be referred to

Best regards,
David Swanson, HCC Director